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Pelvic Health and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Exercising at Home

Pelvic Health and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapy services are provided by our specialist physiotherapists and clinicians, dedicated to helping patients manage a range of conditions including: Bladder and bowel weakness, pelvic organ prolapse, antenatal and post-natal care, recovery after Gynaecology and breast cancer surgery, pelvic pain and more.

This service includes the Perinatal Pelvic Health Services, offering a service to support women for management and prevention of pelvic health problems around pregnancy and following birth.

Common conditions treated are:


•    Antenatal care

  • Postnatal care

•    Diastasis (separation) of rectus abdominal muscle

•    Antenatal/postnatal pelvic floor muscle dysfunction/



•    Bladder/bowel incontinence and dysfunction

•    Vaginal and rectal prolapse

•    Pelvic pain

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

•    Sexual dysfunction

  • Post-operative gynaecology surgery

Oncology / Breast surgery

• Post-operative breast cancer surgery care


Our dedicated team are passionate about helping patients regain control, function, and improve their quality of life and offer compassionate care in a safe and supportive hospital environment.

We collaborate closely with our Consultants and the wider multidisciplinary teams in Gynaecology, Urology, Breast cancer, Colorectal and maternity services. Specialist Pelvic Health and Breast Cancer rehabilitation services are offered in both outpatients and inpatient settings.

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Obstetrics-  antenatal and post-natal care


Bladder and Gynaecology

Bowel Management 


Breast Cancer / Oncology

Breast Ca
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