Women's and Men's Health Physiotherapy

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Our specialist Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy Team provides individualised care for a variety of gender-specific conditions. These include continence issues, gynaecological conditions, antenatal and post-natal care and recovery after surgery.


The women’s and men’s health physiotherapists treat both outpatients and inpatients. We work within a variety of disciplines and departments, including:


• Antenatal/postnatal back and pelvic girdle pain

• Antenatal carpal tunnel syndrome

• Diastasis (separation) of rectus abdominus muscle

• Antenatal/postnatal incontinence


• Bladder/bowel incontinence

• Vaginal and rectal prolapse

• Pelvic pain

• Sexual dysfunction

Oncology / breast surgery

• Post breast cancer surgery care

We work closely with other healthcare professionals and try to combine and integrate our care where appropriate. We often work with: Gynaecology and Urology consultants, Midwives, Breast care specialist teams, Colorectal specialist teams.

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Obstetrics-  antenatal and post-natal care

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Breast Cancer / Oncology