Hip Pain

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Image of the hip joint anatomy

The hip is a weight bearing ball and socket joint.  As with many joints, the ends of the bones are lined with cartilage to reduce friction. Muscles surround the hip and enable movement. Either one, or a combination of these structures can cause us problems with our hips. 


Some common hip problems are described below with information on what you can do to help yourself.

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Considering a Hip Replacement?

Hip Strengthening

The video below will guide you through different exercise you can do to strengthen your hip. Your healthcare professional will guide you if you are unsure which ones to complete.

1. Bridging
1.2 Single Leg Bridge
2. All 4s Hip Extension
3. Wall Slides

4. Step Hip Elevation
5. Step Up
5.2 Side Step Up
6. Adductor Ball Squeeze
6.2 Adductor Squeeze Bridge
7. Hip Adduction with Band
7.2 Hip Abduction with Band
8. Gym - Leg Press
8.1 Gym - Single Leg Press
9. Bike / Cross Trainer / Steps