Back pain is common with 80%  of people having an episode of back pain in their lifetime. In most cases, this will improve within a few days / weeks. Very few cases are due to serious disease.

Back pain can be very painful and disabling leading to a big impact on your everyday activities at work and home. Most back pain will recover without any medical intervention.

Understanding your back pain and the right things to do helps reduce the fear and concern about the condition. This along with keeping moving helps you to recover more quickly.

Episodes of back pain are usually short-lived and most people will see an improvement by doing the following:

  • Continue with your day-to-day life as much as possible - Gentle movement / activity helps speed recovery. Remember pain does not mean you are damaging your back and you should improve more quickly if you continue to move, even if this causes some discomfort. 

  • Take regular pain relief - Seek advice from a pharmacist if you are unsure what to take.

The body needs time to heal. You should start to feel gradual improvement after 7-10 days but if after 2 weeks there is little change, or if your pain is severe contact your GP surgery. 

from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
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