Neck Pain

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What is neck pain?

Neck pain and stiffness is common in people of all ages. 2 out of 3 of us will experience neck pain at some point.


Reasons for neck pain can include:

  • Poor sitting posture,

  • Static postures

  • Stress

  • Unusual activity e.g painting ceiling.

Serious neck conditions are rare. Neck pain is usually as a result of stiff joints or tight muscles which do not require an investigation e.g X-ray / scan.


The good news is, making simple changes to your daily activities can have a big impact on your neck pain.

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When should I seek urgent help?

Usually rare, but sometimes the nerves in the neck can become overly irritated. You should seek medical help if:

  • Unexplained arm weakness in one or both arms or even legs.

  • Weakness, pins & needles or numbness into the legs or arms.

  • Finding it difficult for you to use your hands for tasks such as picking up coins, buttoning a shirt or gripping

  • Experiencing a loss of balance or co-ordination when walking.

  • Decreasing control of your bladder and bowels. Including difficulty starting the flow of urine or fully emptying the bladder

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Dizziness, vomiting or blackout associated with neck movements

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Avoiding Neck pain

Image of correct neck posture when at a desk
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