The Wrist & Hand

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Image of the anatomy of the hand and wrist

The wrist and hand form an essential part of our day to day function. The two joints are made up of a series of bones which are split into sections. The radius and ulna are the two forearm bones which end at the wrist joint

The carpal bones and metacarpal bones are in the palm, and the phalanges are the finger bones.

Movements of the wrist and hand are controlled by muscles that originate in the forearm and within the hand .

Despite being problematic and impacting on our day to day life, there's no reason why hand and wrist pain should stop you from continuing your everyday life. In most cases it can be easily managed by you at home. Use the links below to find out more about specific problems with your wrist or hand. 

Holding Hands

If you have had wrist or hand surgery...

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