Elbow Pain

Backgroud picture of couple lifting weights
image of the anatomy of the elbow joint

The elbow is an important joint of the arm and without it we would struggle to perform a lot of our day to day tasks of living. 

The elbow joint consists of three bones:

- The humerus (bone of the upper arm) 

- The radius (bone of the forearm)

- The ulna (bone of the forearm)

The main elbow joint is made up of the link between the humerus and the two forearm bones. Movement at this joint allows you to bend and straighten your elbow. 

There is also a joint between the two forearm bones- this joint allows the forearm to turn the palm of your hand up or down.

Injury to the bones or joints can lead to stiffness in these movements which can then lead to problems carrying out everyday tasks.  


​Despite being problematic and impacting on our day to day life, there's no reason why elbow pain should stop you from continuing your everyday life. In most cases it can be easily managed by you at home. Use the links below to find out more about specific problems with your wrist or hand. 

Getting a stiff elbow moving again

Elbow Rehab

Elbow Rehab

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