Neuro Physiotherapy

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How to stand up from a chair

How to move from lying to sitting

How to roll over in bed

How to get up off the floor

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Should I be shielding?

It has been a difficult year for everyone and some of us have been restricting our activity levels.    It is now recommended that we try to increase our levels of physical activity both indoors and outdoors.   Try to include a variety of activities to boost your stamina, strength and balance as well as your overall mood.


The only people who should be shielding are those who have been categorised as extremely clinically vulnerable (Click here for further government information)

Family in Park
Weights in Park

What type of activity should I do?


Choose something every day that you enjoy!! Go for it....

  • Dance in your kitchen to the radio (Kitchen Disco!!)

  • Laps of your garden (Captain Tom style!)

  • Punch a pretend punching bag (forwards and sideways)

  • Weight lift using a tin of beans (elbow curls, bent arm lifts)

  • 20 minutes of gardening, raking or housework 

  • Walk to the local shop or even ‘to the corner and back’

  • Drive to the supermarket and park your car in the  furthest parking spot to increase the walking distance

  • Why not try a kettle boiling exercise??   Balance on 1 leg or stand with your feet together while the kettle boils…..

REMEMBER:   Always finish with a few simple stretches and a drink!

Check out smartphone apps for useful apps to help get you moving and keep you healthy 

If you have a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, click here for some daily exercises you may find useful

Are there any safety measures?

These are the current recommended safety measures:

  1. Wear a face covering in public indoor spaces and public transport (some people wear a mask outdoors too)

  2. Practise social distancing when you are with people who are not from your household

  3. Use sanitiser gel on entry/exit to an indoor facility (wash your hands when you return home)

Washing Hands
Physical Therapy

How do I access Neuro-therapy Services?


People in the Harrogate area can access Therapy Services through:

1. GP referral

2. Consultant referral

3. Specialist Nurse referral

4. Open Access


We are able to offer you telephone, virtual appointments or face-to-face in full PPE for protection.

So stay safe, we are here when you need us!


                                                   - The Harrogate Neurorehabilitation Team