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Considering a Hip Replacement?

A hip replacement is a surgical procedure, which involves replacing the head (top) of your femur (leg bone) with a metal implant. In most cases, the goal of the replacement is to reduce the amount of pain experienced around the hip.

The most common indication for needing a hip replacement is a combination of Osteoarthritis and pain. But having Osteoarthritis, doesn't automatically mean you need a hip replacement. In most cases, Osteoarthritis can be managed with exercise, activity modification and perhaps medication. When the pain is significantly impacting upon your lifestyle that surgery might be an option. 

Did you know?

Research has shown that 10% reduction in body weight has been shown to help reduce hip pain by


Did you know?

Smoking significantly increases the time it takes for your body to heal and recover after an operation. It also make us more sensitive to pain.

Did you know?

In most cases, the pain we experience from Osteoarthritis does not mean we are causing harm or making it worse.

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Advice from a Hip Consultant

Mr Conroy talks about Total Hip Replacement

Mr Conroy talks about Total Hip Replacement

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